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Plan Grid App Working

PlanGrid – Construction Management App for Android, iOS

PlanGrid is the fastest construction blueprint that can be easily installed on your android or iOS mobile devices. This application is ranked at number 4 in best interior designing apps for students. The Guides are quite good and you will be loving the user-friendly interface of this construction app.

By using this, you can easily share your blueprints of designs, plans, markups, and reports. Using this app can help you work become extremely easy and it feels like you are working with your friends at the same workplace.

This is the number 1 construction app that helps to reduce your paper – work and you can save all your data in files on your mobiles.

Plan Grid App Working

PlanGrid can be used with or without an internet connection, you can construct track revisions, documents progress and can easily manage issues in the field while keeping everyone on the current set.

All your worksheets are important and nowadays you cannot rely on pen and paper work. All your data is saved on your device and if you like, then you can save your files externally on your google drive.

Some key features include Construction Management, Document control, Punchlist, and Collaboration.

The best thing about this is you can share your plan, markups, photos and your important reports with other members of your team anytime. Using instant collaboration, you can find answers faster which will help you to ease your work.


  • PlanGrid is fastest construction plan viewer for mobiles and tablets.
  • Automatically hyperlink of all detail callouts.
  • All your current set are always up to date.
  • Automatic digital lead-in and version control of new plan revisions.
  • All your progress photos can be directly pinned into your blueprints.
  • By automatically backup, all your data will be saved even when you are offline or not connected to the internet.
  • By using customizable punch list tool you can create and track issues.
  • By activating automatic backup, all your important data will be synced across all other platforms.
  • By advanced searching and filtering system, you can find your construction plan easily.
  • Instant notifications activated.
  • Redline RFI response once and publish to the whole team.
  • COntruction Management tools like RFI posting and submittal distribution.
  • Quick filed takeoff and estimating tools.
  • You can easily share screenshots of all your documents and work.

plan grid app working

PlanGrid is where all of your team can work together on a single project to create markups, progress reports, issues and much more instantly in a real time.

People love PlanGrid because;

  • Reclaim your time – You don’t need to save your reports on a piece of paper. By using this you say goodbye to all handwritten and paperwork.
  • Build more, Stress less – It’s simple and user-friendly interface help to work more easily and conveniently.
  • Instant customer support – You can easily get help from PalnGrid team anytime instantly.
  • Get answers right away –  You can empower your field team and help them to get better decisions with instant access to all the information at the same time.
  • Instantly shares updates – By using PlanGrid you can instantly share all your documents and work with your team. All your data and records are safe with you.
  • Resolves issues faster – You can keep one team in sync so that issues can be solved faster in an instant.

Guide and Ratings

This is the best application for commercial use. It has come with a lot of features and you can use all the features for free. This is available both on Google Play Store and also on Apple Store. This is the best application and has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times and many people have been Guideed which is as follows. Due to its popularity, most of the people are loving it and mostly students and professionals. This can be helpful in taking your project online and to the next level and you don’t need to wait for a meeting or working together. You can work according to your convenient and share your work with all other members of your team.

5 Star –  1074 people Guideed

4 Star – 340 Guides

3 Star – 123 people rated

2 Star – 61 rated

1 Star – 140 people Guideed

For Android users, the latest version available is 1.13 and minimum requirement of android version is 4.1 or above. The size of the file is 17 MB. Officially released by PlanGrid. For more details, you can visit the official site.

For iOS people using iPhones or iPads

The application was updated on August 11, 2016, and the latest version is 3.9.2. The size of the download is 129 MB and this is available in English and Spanish Language only.

You can also check out Noteshelf app which is the best note taking application for iPads.

PlanGrid is compatible with all devices and requires iOS 8.0 or above version for installing.

If you are an architecture or designer student then this is #4 best applications for interior designs and if you want to know the top 5 apps for interior designers, then you can get the details in the other post.

If you are not friendly with the working of this application, then you can watch this video which will guide you step by step functioning of this application.