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reasons to be an architect

I have my reasons to be an architect

This is my story and, what I feel is either its you or life that kneels –

There was a time when life came by, whispered in my ears – “Now you have a try”

I opened my eyes and soon began to cry, then saw a funny tool and began to pry

I held it close and said then said this to myself –
I choose to be happy,
and I choose to feel great,
I choose not to let things make me irate

Why to become an architect

I continued with a smile living free, I will do what I love in this life long spree

becoming an architect

I chose to be an architect ’cause that’s what I would love to do

Reason to be an architect

Now for everyone reading this I have a hidden advice and a question too

If happiness is the goal why not start with the goal itself?

I chose to be an architect because this is what I would love to do. No other reasons. The End.

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