The Roman Colosseum Facts and History

The Roman Colosseum Facts and History

Ancient roman Colossal ViewI don’t know if you have been to Rome or not, but I am sure about one thing – If you’re an architecture student/teacher or an enthusiast, you sure as hell know about the COLOSSEUM in Rome.There are many amazing facts about this marvelous amphitheater that you don’t know (I am assuming that because you’re here). So lets get hold of some Colosseum facts. Here we go –

Roman Colosseum Facts related to architecture

1. Colosseum, undoubtedly is Rome’s most popular monument; There were quite a few reasons why this building was built, some of them are –
a. Everyone wants to get popular and so did the Flavian dynasty which is why they gifted it to people in Rome to increase their popularity.
b. To stage different forms of entertainment, like the man versus animal fights.

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c. And to showcase the Roman techniques of engineering and architecture to the whole world.

2. The Colosseum is still the largest amphitheater in the world, and it was built in 72 AD. Quite a feat.

3. It was constructed under the emperor Vespasian with the help of 60,000 Jewish slaves and was completely made in stone and concrete. The building’s present condition can be attributed to earthquakes, stone robbers and vandalism.

Top view of Colosseum in Rome

4. The underground tunnels to hold slaves and animals and an additional gallery on the top were added by Domitian in his reign. Domitian was Vespasian’s youngest son.

5. Unlike other early amphitheaters, Colosseum was not dug into a mountain or hill sides, but was made of solid concrete and stone.

6. It measures something around 190 meters by 155 meters (620 feet by 513 feet).

Some General Colosseum Facts and history

Gladiator fights in Colosseum1. According to archaeologists and experts on roman history, about 5,00,000 people (most of which were prisoners) and about 1,000,000 animals lost their lives in the beast versus man games held in Colosseum.

2. It’s good to know that these customs are not taking place now as the last gladiatorial fight was organised in 435 AD.

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3. And seems like the people at that time had a thing for celebration and games as the festival and games held in Colosseum could last for as long as 100 days.

4. What is more surprising is that everyone was given a free entry to the events and everyone was offered free food throughout the show !! And here I have to literally beg for a free pass to witness an India Pakistan cricket match.

5. One of the severely cool Colosseum facts is that at times Romans flooded the Colosseum with water and had miniature ship battles inside Colosseum. This was originated by Julius Caesar in 46 BC on occasion of his quadruple triumph.

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6. Colosseum had a not so impressive name before being called Colosseum and that was – Flavian Amphitheater, kept after the Flavian Dynasty of Emperors.


7. Colosseum undoubtedly is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Elton John, Ray Charles, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney have all performed at the Colosseum.

8. The building was used for about four centuries until the taste of people in Rome changed.

9. Over the centuries Colosseum has become a symbol against capital punishment and death penalties due to which the death penalties were completely abolished in Italy in 1948.

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10. Today, in our world if anyone by any means manages to commute or overturn his death penalty or get released, then the lights of Colosseum at night change from white to golden. This also happens when any country abolishes death penalty system.Roman Colosseum at night

These were some of the Colosseum facts I found worth sharing. I have not been to Rome actually, so if you have any personal experiences then do share them with me in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Good day!

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