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Seattle Tacoma Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Concourse Construction (improvements)

NBBJ was design architect for the expansion and renovation of three existing concourses at Sea-Tac International Airport. The project includes the addition of 150,000 square feet and the renovation of 170,000 square feet of space on Concourses B, C, and D.

Seattle has emerged as a prominent port on the West Coast, specifically as a gateway to the Pacific Rim. As such, the redesign of the airport reflects its increasingly important role in the international arena.

Sea-Tac Airport Interior Design and Architecture

Seattle Tacoma Airport

This new image is portrayed through simple elegance, architectural detailing, and proportions. Architectural proportions throughout are based on those found in Japanese shoji screens. The use of translucent insulated panes in this module is a direct reference to these screens. Aged bronze with wood on the restroom entry walls recalls materials used in both Asia and the North West. The hand-worked finish of the bronze is a reminder of the importance of craft to both cultures. The aluminium banding on columns and restroom entry walls was inspired by the iron strapping found on Japanese temple columns.


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The corridors feature a bronze-coloured perforated metal ceiling through which a random placement of light fixtures creates dappled light patterns like those experienced in North West forests. The bronze colour of the ceiling acknowledges the brown terrazzo on the floor. The holds rooms are cool and calming in their colours, emphasising the blues and greens that have come to be identified with the North West.

Seattle Tacoma airport interior

Concourse Construction at Tacoma Airport

The new additions to the concourses are distinct pavilions that break up the perceived length of each concourse and create an articulated perimeter. In cross section, the pavilion roofs slope from the existing concourse roofline up to a high point at the building perimeter. This slope creates a visual transition to the scale of an aeroplane and provides better views of the airfield.

Tacoma Concourse Corridor

A distinctly white and bright “airside” identity will be created for the concourses and satellites to contrast sharply with the dark bronze “land-side” identity of the main terminal. Natural light will enter the building at the perimeter through 10 to 12 feet of grey tinted vision glass. Translucent insulated panels above the vision glass will allow additional soft diffuse light to enter.

Sea Tac Airport Exterior

The architectural design assures translucent panels continue up and over on the sloped roof, creating a perimeter skylight. The ridge beam normally at the apex has been lowered down so the ridge corner can visually be dissolved with light. Additional skylights are located strategically at pivotal turns in Concourse B and C and at the end nodes of Seattle-Tacoma airport. The lantern-like appearance of the translucent panels will give the concourse a warm welcoming glow from the air and on the ground at night.