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Steel Shape Steel Beams In Steep Shape Apps

Steel Shapes mobile application for android and iOS

Steel Shapes is a very interesting application and by now you must be known of the functioning of this app by simply reading the name of this app. Yes, this is obviously about steel and it will be focusing mainly on information available on steel and its products available on the market.

For an architect or a structural designer, it seems harder to choose one of the best apps available for learning and knowing about the designs and shapes of steel. Experienced architects already know all about steel and if you are a beginner, it seems to be hard to understand and know about the design of steel. This mobile-friendly application will be way better than other apps available on the google play store.

Steel Shape Steel Beams In Steep Shape Apps

                              Steel Beam Category in Steel Shapes

Steel Shapes is the best application which will be showing you the geological and mechanical properties for each and every section/profile in the AISC structural steel shape database.

This unique application will give you knowledge and information about 16,000 steel pieces and other details related to them. Steel Shapes is rated as one of the top applications available for civil engineers and other structural engineers.

Steel Shapes mobile application

Steel Shapes App

Working of Steel Shapes Application

[Steel Shapes] is the best designing application available on the play store and apple store which is a lot easy to use and is one of the best apps for reference of steel. [Steel Shapes] contains the latest (V14), previous (ASD5 through V13) and AISC structural database of steel shapes.

All the information will be helpful for you in understanding beams, columns, and other structural members. This application is having the simplest and easiest interface which a non – technical student can easily use. This is also ranked among 10 best apps for architects.  You will be getting a database of over 16000 steel shapes entries which are collected from all the libraries and is integrated into a single application.

The size of the download is 17M as available on Google play store. Till now it has been downloaded more than 1,000 times with current version available is 2.5.0. It requires an android version of 2.2 or above.

Key Features of [Steel Shapes]

  • AISC library which is automatically updated when the library is updated.
  • Versions 13.2, 13.2 SI, 13.1.1, 13.1.1 SI, 13
  • LRFD  1st through 3rd edition.
  • ASD 5th through 9th edition.

This application is available for free on your mobile play store and also on App store. You can download the latest version of this app from our website. Some other features of this app are;

Unit System Switching –  All the available properties of steel can de display either in English units or can be easily converted to a metric unit by simply click on a button.

Sorting – You can sort the data available in ascending and descending order on the basis of AIC standard, weight, area, inertia, and section modules.  You can sort the database of AISC library easily in your mobile by using this application.

steel apps

Flexible search –  Flexible and fast search are also available for those who want to access the information easily. For example, “W16 x 89”, “W16x890” or simply by typing “W1689”. All these searching terms will locate the same section and also the closest approximation.

Find Equivalence – The best feature of [steel shapes] is you can find the metric equivalence or imperial equivalence designation of the section. For this, you just have to type  either the English or Metric designation. The application will automatically find the equivalence.

The last feature which is also the best part of this application is no annoying ads to be displayed while you are using these apps.

Guide and Ratings

Steel Shapes is one of the best apps for architecture as designated by users as well as The Guides are very good for android users and also for ios users. If you are downloading for your android device, then this will be available at a price of Rs 65/- only

You can also buy this app from iTunes which is available at $4.99. The size of  the install is 6.3 MB and the latest version is 3.0.1 which you can download from Apple Store.

Compatibility- For proper functioning, it requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

[Steel Shapes] is much famous in Apple store than in the android store. The ratings are more than 4.5 on an average.

You can also download the Pro pack of latest version 3.0.1 by visiting App Store

The mode of payment is usually by your credit card for android users and for iOS users it is from your Apple account.

Those who don’t know how to use this application, you can watch this tutorial video which will find the detailed information about the working of this app.


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