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Swedish Medical Center

Swedish Medical Center, Seattle – Architecture | Design

In accordance with NBN’s master plan, first developed in 1970, the latest addition to this medical centre’s campus is the construction of South-East Wing. The wing exterior and interior will include architecturally designed main entrance and lobby, ambulatory care clinic, pharmacy, intensive care unit, 24 operating rooms with recovery beds, interventional imaging, medical imaging, special care nurseries, LDR suites, 180 nursing beds, central supply, and 600 subterranean parking stalls. The addition will add 671,000 square feet and 180 beds to the urban facility.

Architecture and Design of Swedish Medical Center

Swedish Medical Center
Swedish Medical Center

The wing, a triangularly designed 180-foot-tall tower with a convex crescent-shaped front, will serve as the Medical Center’s new front door. The tower ties the older, existing buildings together by firmly establishing a functional entrance and a memorable visual identity of the Medical Center. The architecturally designed entrance provides a clear sense of direction to the new lobby rotunda, a focal point for the campus by virtue of clearly marked portals leading to the major areas of the complex for inpatients and out-patients. The architecture design of rotunda features an internally-lit dome, 24 feet in diameter.

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Swedish Medical Center outer view

The new entrance provides an access centre that integrates reception for all inpatients and out-patients. The ambulatory care clinic is linked to the new entrance; this provides direct access from the lobby to the clinic, outpatient surgery suites, and other important care areas for outpatients.

The construction of integrated parking structure allows patients and visitors to enter and exit the hospital without ever going outside.

Project materials include pre-cast concrete panels with a buff-coloured base and locally quarried granite aggregate. The metal work has a silver metallic finish and window systems are clear aluminium.