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Color Capture App

Top 5 apps for Interior Design and Designers

After Receiving great response for interior design apps and my post on The 7 Best Apps for Architects and Architecture Students, I decided to do some more research and make a post around the useful available apps for Interior Designers and home owners too.

Out of the many applications available for interior designers I found these to be the most useful. So here I present them to you in a descending order. These are my top 5 apps for interior designers and home owners.

Top interior design apps

5. The Photo Measures app

The work of an interior designer or an architect or contractor goes to a very different level on site where he has to take measurements of different spaces and objects for further changes/improvements to be made.

The actual problem arises when either you forget the actual measurements or your observations and data gets misplaced, of which there is a high probability given to the fact that most of the designers and contractors either try to remember everything or note it down on loose paper sheets.

The Photo Measures app provides a solution to this problem.

With this application, you can quickly take a photo of the desired area and write the dimensions on it. You can also spend some time on formatting if you want and once you are done with all this stuff you can save your images in JPEG or PDF format for future use.

The special feature of this app is that is not only helps remember dimensions but it can also measure angles accurately, also finally you can save the measurements in both imperial or metric units. For more details about this application, you can visit our official page on Photo Measures app.

4. PlanGrid app

“Life’s too short to be using slow PDF viewers. Work with the fastest plan viewer int he Milky Way.” – This is what the PlanGrid application team says about their app, which is also true to some extent.

Ranking number 4 on our list of interior design apps this application has worked pretty good so far and the Guides are as good as other apps used for similar work like PadCad lite.

Using this app you can work with all your team mates like you were sitting in the same workplace. Also, this app makes data entry, issue tracking and distributing reorts extremely easy.

Go through this video Guide and other related videos for a better understanding of the concept and functioning of this app. For more details about its Guides and features, you can visit our page on PlanGrid App.

3. iHandy Carpenter

This interior design app is useful for Contractors on site, Interior designers, home owners and as the name suggests for carpenters too.

This app would do equally good for anyone else who wants to measure simple things like furniture, or the verticality of lines and walls and surface levels for any purpose. Personally, I have not seen any other power tool kit app which works better than iHandy or is more handy and easy to use.

There are some flaws in the app but for general use it works fine enough if you don’t have live equipments.

The tool kit in this app consists of 5 useful tools –

– A plum bob for dealing with the verticality of lines and walls

– A Surface level

– A steel ruler which measures both in inches and centimeters

– A bubble level bar

– And a steel protractor to measure angles up to 180

This app is available for both android and iPhone users. Go to the official website of this app to download. Do see the app Guide video for a better understanding of this application.

2. Color Capture app

Happens to me many times and I am sure that this happens to you too – A color unknowingly catches our eyes – it can be anywhere while walking on streets or surfing the internet or while admiring nature’s beauty, we are surrounded by beautiful colors.

But the bad thing about it is that we soon forget what that color exactly looked like also we seldom know or remember complicated names of such colors (happens to men at least).

Color Capture AppColor Matching AppPaint Samples For architecture

Recommended by many top Interior Designers the Color Capture app here has provided a solution to this evergreen problem of interior decorators and architects. All you have to do is to take a picture of the color that inspires you and you can almost instantly get its match from Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,300 paint colors.

Further, with this app you can explore different options and color combinations for your designs and can also share them on social media or keep notes attached to them for further use.

myPantone app does similar work but I personally think that this application works better also it chooses between 33,000 colors whereas myPantone selects from a range of only 13,000 colors

This app is available for download on android and iPhone. For more information visit the Developer’s Website.

Don’t miss the video Guide.

1. MagicPlan app

Measure drawing of any place is now as easy as it could ever be with the help of MagicPlan app for architects and interior designers.

This app lets you measure your rooms, take dimensions and make plans within minutes without touching measuring tape or any other tools. You can easily create inside plans with this app in minutes.

Magicplan Interior app

Although it takes practice to attain perfection in using this app as it is not very easy to use, but it is user-friendly and can say without a doubt this is a must have app for any architect or interior designer.

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You don’t even need to move furniture while taking dimensions, what more could anyone in our field could ask for.

Conclusion: MagicPlan app undoubtedly is one of the best apps for interior designers and architects.

This app is available for free download. For more details about Guides and features, you can read our post on Magic Plan App.

And for queries like how to use the MagicPlan app refer to the attached video link.