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are top handle chainsaws dangerous

Top Handle vs Rear Handle Chainsaw

You have two main kinds of chainsaws to look up to if you want to cut twigs or prune the vegetation. These are the top handle and the rear handle chainsaws, respectively. Many people, especially those who lack the skill might never know how to choose the one that would be most suitable. Let us make the debate top handle vs rear handle chainsaw.

That is why we have seen it necessary to step in and provide the leadership necessary. In our discussions here below, we shall look into these two kinds of chainsaws in finer detail. As part of your investigations, we shall examine their pros, cons, and exactly which one carries the day.

Top Handle vs Rear Handle Chainsaw- what do you prefer?

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Top Handle Chainsaw Advantages

A top handle chainsaw is basically a kind of chainsaw which handled and operated from the top. The chainsaw mainly comes in when handling the tree itself or tackling the low-lying branches. In this kind of chainsaw, the fuel tank is beneath the handle. It is unsuitable for use on the ground.


When compared to the other counterpart, this kind of chainsaw is powerful. It is as a matter of fact well able to tackle those chores are beyond the ordinary ones. You will hence find it reliable for taking down thick and unforgiving trunks.

Smooth Operability

These chainsaws are operable by either hand; Be it one or two hands at a time. By this arrangement, the saw guarantees smooth operability. You will hence find it reliable regardless of just when and where the circumstances may call for its use.

Highly Maneuverable

Owing to their streamlined design, these saws are highly maneuverable. The trait hence allows them to use in spaces or trees which are too squeezed and cramped up to be accessible by any other appliance. Take them along with you for tackling those areas that are inaccessible.

Compact Size

These saws are also more compact when compared to those which are rear handled. They are smaller and more streamlined than their competitors. Their transportation and storage are more convenient than the one for the rear handle types. They also require limited muscle power to engage.

Long-term Reliability

All factors considered, these saws are reliable in the long run. They are more resistant to the various elements of wear and tear like corrosion and cleavage. Then, they also perform many operational cycles and will hardly break down even when bombarded with harsh impacts.

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Top Handle Chainsaw Disadvantages

Higher Energy Consumption

This kind of saw consumes a higher level of energy to operate. It will deliver awesome outcomes, granted. However, this will come at a cost that is ordinarily too great to bear. Be prepared hence to dig too deep in your pocket to manage and handle the saws.

Greater Expertise

Considering their highly sophisticated nature, the saws also require greater expertise to handle and operate. Beginners or those who lack the experience and expertise will, therefore, find these saw too complicated to master and eventually comprehend. Many jurisdictions also demand some certification before use. This further ups the costs of applications.

Professional Applicability

Last, the saws are only suitable for professional applications. They may not be used to handle light and everyday chores enjoy pruning hedges or maintaining your homestead clean and kempt. This means you only have to choose them if you want to do something is way beyond the ordinary.

Rear Handle Chainsaw Advantages

As the name implies, these saws are handled and engaged from the back rather than from the top. This arrangement provides a better balance, ample leverage, and ultimately greater controls. Unlike their top handle chainsaws, it only uses them by two hands at a time; Never by one hand.

Better Controls

We have already hinted that this kind of saw brings about better controls than the top handle counterpart. The reason underlying this is the good leverage that the rear handle accords. It hence reduces any chances of a kickback or loss of controls even when tackling too tough a tree.

Better Grip

Other than the good leverage, the saw also provides a better grip to your hands. It negates the rubbing actions which potentially arise when handling strenuous and fidgety cutting situations. This suppresses blisters and other forms of injuries which arise in cutting.

Convenient Controls

All the various control features like the start/stop button, gears, and leverage located conveniently. You will not have to strain or struggle too much to access them hence. The beauty of this arrangement is that you will enjoy faster and more expedited operational procedures than others do.

Limited Expertise

Unlike the case with the rear handle chainsaws, these do not require any extreme levels of expertise. Even a starter will easily familiarize themselves with the saws and use them. Moreover, many jurisdictions impose no extra limit on their acquisition and use.

Everyday Use

Being simple and easy to use, it perfectly suits the chainsaws for light everyday use. These include trimming hedges, cutting down the overgrown garden, and tending your garden. It is hence more practical and useful than the top handle counterpart. Its costs of operations are also lower on the whole.

Rear Handle Chainsaw Disadvantages

Two-handle Use

You will need to devote both hands to handle and engage this kind of saw. It is impossible to use one hand alone to do so. This leaves you with almost no space to tackle the other chores in the meantime. The arrangement is thus not so user friendly and is also time consuming.

Limited Applications

With this kind of saw, you may only handle the on-the-ground applications; Nothing more. This stems from the limited reach and lower height of the saw altogether. Look elsewhere for your other applications and use. It is hence more inconvenient on the whole.

Too Tiring

Considering that you will have to use both hands at a time, the saw is more tiring than the top handle one. If you are the person who has many duties to perform, you will find this saw quite an inconvenient thing to make use of.

Final Verdict

At last, the top handle vs rear handle chainsaw debate ends & you may have already deduced, the top handle chainsaw carries the day. It gives you the ability to handle many kinds of chores at a time and is also less tiring to engage in. Moreover, you may use it to perform many applications unlike the rear handle saw. With this in mind, we highly recommend that you prioritize it over and above its peers. You may have to practice and equip yourself with the skill before you set out though. The long-term benefits are however too huge to achieve. When do you plan to try it?