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what type of architect gets paid the most

10 Different Types of Architects: Who Gets Paid The Most

An experienced architect is much like a golden deer. There are different types of architects to build quite in each sector, who make a house, real estate, industry, skyscrapers, and many more challenging tasks easier with their outstanding design and planning.

In this guide, we will discuss the top 10 types of architects, which will help you determine which architect is perfect for each job. We will also describe what kind of challenging work they face and discuss what skills will be most needed to work in their sectors.

What Skill Do You Need To Be An Architect?

It takes a lot of hard work and some essential skills to be an experienced architect. Another important thing is your confidence; if you have it, then you can easily become the best architect.

To be a qualified architect, you must have 5 skills; if you do not have these skills, you must bring these skills first. Then you can be any type of architect you want.

Math and Science Skills: The first skill that an architect need is an exceptional knowledge of math and science. If you have these two qualities, then you are one step ahead of the others.

Design Skill: Architecture Design is an important part of the work field, which all architects must have. However, if someone does not have this skill in the first place, then it is possible to master the design skill quickly.

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: You can’t become an architect just by learning math theory. In the field of architecture, you have to face many analytical and calculation problems, which you have to understand the aspects of fixing some measures outside the theory.

Team Building Skill: Even outside of Math Theories, an architect has to interact with different people constantly, and to save time, each task needs to be arranged differently. So you have to do team-building with engineers and designers, it makes the job a lot easier.

Communication Skills: Communication skills can take your architecture profession to a different level. With the other qualities of an architect, it is essential to have good communication skills with clients and team members. Also, good presentation and explaining skills can make you an experienced architect in the fastest time.

10 Different Types of Architects

1. Residential Architect

what is a residential architect

Residential architects are most commonly seen. They work on two main types of projects, working directly with homeowners to design existing or new homes. The other is working with housing estate developers to design a wide range of home infrastructure and facilities according to largely based instructions.

Many times people want to design their home according to their own preferences and want to create an infrastructure with many unique and extraordinary features from other homes. In this case, they hire residential architects to design everything according to their planning. The salary of this type of architect is based on a project.

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2. Commercial Architect

commercial architect salary

Large commercial properties such as skyscrapers, bridges, hotels, schools, govt buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, and other such large project projects are designed by commercial architects. The work of commercial architects is very challenging because every commercial property they design must be different and eye-catching needs to be unique.

Their work is much more complicated and has a huge salary figure than residential architects. These types of architects need to have some engineering knowledge as well as commercial building designing. Though this type of work is challenging, much remains satisfying. As a result, many of the best architects are looking for these types of architect jobs.

3. Industrial Architect

Industrial Architect

Architect specialists who design for large companies, including large factories and industries, with all the planning and all kinds of requirements, are called industrial architects.

When you want to run an industry perfectly by maintaining all the facilities in a perfect way, you must need industrial architects who can design the most suitable eco-friendly building for work keeping in mind all kinds of critical situations.

These types of architects have a lot of experience. They know in-depth every kind of industrial facility of industrial work. They consider all the aspects so that your workers can give excellent output to your company by enjoying all types of work facilities in a good environment.

4. Urban Design Architect

what is urban design architecture

When it comes to developing a city in a large way or a whole area in a beautiful way, urban designers are needed for those who consider the environment, economy, govt policies and all other aspects of their work.

In a word, urban designer architects manage their architect work by combining commercial, residential and industrial. The main challenge for urban designers is to design the particular design of each building, landscape, waterways, public infrastructure, and other essential aspects together perfectly in detail.

5. Interior Architect

types of architects

Interior architects are designing a complete building. Their main job is to make the interior part of the entire building as beautiful as possible with the help of compatible things to enhance the design in the most suitable way. These types of experts have a lot of deep knowledge about interior elements, because of which they know which part of the interior will fit perfectly and what kind of color and design will appear in any space.

There are many who just design the structure of the building with the architect, and it is old logic. At present, a separate interior specialist is needed to give a house a modern look. They can easily enhance any type of building with background elements.

6. Landscape Architect

landscape architects

Landscape architects are very different from other architects. Because the main job of landscape architects is to work with various outdoor spaces, where people will be busy enjoying and entertaining themselves. Therefore, landscape architects mainly design different parks, gardens, college campuses, and other recreational areas.

To be this type of architect, you need to study a lot about the outside and have knowledge. As well as paying particular attention to the environment, you need to design a place of entertainment in an environment-friendly way.

Although this landscape architect job is much simpler than the other types of architect job, but you will need a lot of skills. Because to increase the attraction of the public, you have to highlight everything in detail in your design so that the place gets a lot of popularity among the visitors.

7. Green Design Architect

green design architect

At present, green design architects are becoming very popular. Its popularity graph is increasing day by day, and it is understood that it is going to be a top-rated architecture business in the future.

The main reason for its increase in popularity is that now people are thinking a lot about the environment and are trying to make the environment friendly with low carbon dioxide keeping in mind the impact of the climate in the future. If you also want to design environmentally friendly home and building design, then hire a green design architect.

These type of architects try their best to make the home modern as well as environmentally friendly. They have also added renewable energy source features to their design so that you can easily install solar panels. They also use natural elements as materials for building houses. This type of complete home structure is also made using all the other natural things.

In the future, green design architects will be much ahead compared to other architects.

8. Restoration Architect

While other designers are busy creating new and modern designs, restoration architects keep reviving old structures in new ways. The main task of the Restoration Architect is to restore the details of the old building, construction, or any historical or cultural thing of any city in a very safe way.

They are part of both private and government. This type of architect has to do a lot of study and research on old culture, building, places, and more and is always ready to get familiarised with new things and restoration.

9. Developer Architect

Every real estate developer has a complete employer base, where one of the employees is the architect. Architects who are directly affiliated with real estate development companies that provide various architectures and designs and have a payroll agreement with them are called developer architects.

These types of architects can work independently if they want. If you are under a developer company, on the one hand, all the opportunities can be enjoyed; on the other hand, the architects are promoted based on experience.

However, the best part of working with these real estate developers is that you can develop business skills, and on the other hand, become a deep knowledge of the market and become an architect. As a result, later, an architect can go into this business alternatively using all the experience.

10. City Council Architect

Last but not least, city council architects basically have various plans for city development. Their main job is to have a fully planned urban structure as well as a complete city with every public building and other things. They are also Guideing and approving the planning given by engineers and building professionals.

Most of the city council architects work has been done under the government. That’s why their contract is with the government, and their salary depends on their experience and position.

What Type of Architect has the Highest Salary?

Their salary varies from architect to architect. On the one hand, some architecture jobs are challenging; on the other hand, their salary ranges are huge. It is difficult to say exactly what kind of architect job salary will be because architects have different demands in different countries depending on the experience. But we can give you some ideas.

The salary range of some architects, including Commercial, Industrial, Urban Designer, Developer, and City Council Architects, is much higher than other architect jobs. However, these architects always have to deal with various challenging situations and need many experiences from other regular designers.

What Kind of Architect Do You Want To Be?

Every person has different characteristics, and if you want to bring yourself into the architect position, you must first decide what kind of architect you want to be. Next, you have to choose which aspects of you are most likely to match any type of architect.

With the other skills we described above, you have to master some more smart skills. Finally, you need to choose the architect career, considering which type of architecture job will be most popular in the future.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you got whole ideas about different types of architects jobs at the same time. And if you want to build yourself as an architect, you must first confirm which architect work is ideal for you, and then you can easily climb the next stairs one by one.

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