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Weisman Art Museum

Weisman Art Museum Architect and its Architecture

Museum is a place where objects of scientific, historic and artistic interests are stored. The Frederick R. Weisman Art museum is mainly an art museum which is located at 333 E River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55455, United States. The architecture of this museum was designed by the Frank O Gehry who is a Canadian-born American architect recently residing in Los Angeles.To know about Weisman art museum architect read the full article.

This Weisman Art museum is also called “Modern art museum” as its design and construction is totally different from other designs of Frank Gehry. Since 1934, this has always been a teaching place for the students of University. It has more than 20,000 images collections where most of the images are of Marsden Hartley, Alfred Maurer, Mimbres Pottery and Charles Biederman.

Weisman Art Museum Architect


Frederick R Weisman Art Museum by Frank Gehry current building was completed in the year of 1993. The building has a unique facade that is fabricated with stainless steel skin from outside, which was installed by A. Zehner Company. The design of Weisman Art Museum was created by Frank O. Gehry and his idea of placing curved metal structures on its exterior brings uniqueness to its design.

Weisman Art Museum Side Elevation

The building seem to have two facades depending on the side of the view. The structure is designed by Gehry itself and when the structure is viewed from the campus side, it presents the brick facade and when viewed from the opposite side, the museum has various curves and is covered with angular steel sheets.

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Building Expansion

The museum was renovated and received some additions in 2011, that were done by Frank Gehry’s office and the architecture firm HGA. The original building consisted of four skylit galleries made of bricks, built firmly on the top of a parking garage with the brick cladding technique, that are adjacent to the road along the Mississipi River.

weisman art museum shop

The stainless steel facade is used to wrap the cube-like structure of shops, store, offices, and galleries. The additions done in Weisman Art Museum in 2011 included the implementaion of new galleries that were seated on the two sides, new target studio which faces the newly widened walkway for the pedestrian.

Flowing stainless steel canopy with the props os same material supporting it resembles the idea of the architect Frank Gehry’s House located in Southern California.

Awards & Recognition

The Weisman Art Museum by Frank Gehry can be seen from eastern end of the Washington Avenue Bridge. The architect’s work won him a citation in the 1992 Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards program. The museum was also ranked 129 on the list of America’s Favorite Architecture for 2007. The Museum organizes a guided public tour every Saturday and Sunday which lasts for over an hour and the tour for the Weisman art museum starts at 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

weisman art museum shop

The Weisman Art Museum Foundation now see to all the matters related to this beautiful work of museum architecture. Today, the Weisman museum exhibits some of the finest art collected by the Frederick R. Weisman.