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The West Edmonton Mall Size and Facts

You might have been to many malls and you might have wondered How is the west Edmonton mall size “Wow, this place is so big and awesome”. If that is the case with you, I bet you haven’t visited the West Edmonton Mall in Canada yet and hence these west Edmonton mall facts might surprise you.

Located at 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2, Canada, the West Edmonton mall is not only the biggest mall in Canada, it’s also the largest mall in whole North America, actually it held the record for being world’s biggest mall until 2004.`

This architectural marvel has over 100 restaurants, an indoor amusement park, over 810 stores, two luxury hotels with different themes, a sea-life park, an 18 hole mini golf course, an ice rink used for recreational purposes AND! as a practice space for the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.

Edmonton Oilers footballTeam

Ice rink in WEM is used by the Edmonton Oilers as a practice space.

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West Edmonton mall facts related to its Architecture and Design

1. West Edmonton Mall holds the record for being the World’s largest indoor amusement park.

2. Area of the West Edmonton Mall, Canada is over 6 million sq feet or 570,000 meters sq.

3. The Parking of West Edmonton Mall holds the world record for the world’s largest parking lot and has space for more than 20,000 vehicles and a major bus stop.

4. It also has penguins, bungee jump, and miniature golf but not all in the same place (obviously)

5. West Edmonton Mall has the World’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster.

6. It has the World’s largest indoor amusement park called Galaxyland.

7. The size of the West Edmonton Mall is equivalent to 48 city blocks.

Zoning Of West Edmonton Mall

8. The length of the Mind bender is equivalent to 48 blue whales lying end to end.

General facts about the West Edmonton Mall

1. It has over 800 different stores and services.

2. Between 60,000 and 150,000 visitors daily, and believe me, even on weekdays this mall is busy!

3. The West Edmonton Mall is the home to Canada’s first Victoria’s Secret Stores.

4. West Edmonton Mall first opened its doors to the public on September 15, 1981.

5. 60,000 to 150,000 visitors visit the mall daily.

6. It has Canada’s first Victoria’s Secret Store.

7. More than 23,000 employees work day and night in this mall.

8. Almost 30.8 million visitors visit this mall every year.

9. The amusement park in this mall was originally named Fantasyland, due to which the Walt Disney Company sued the mall claiming the ownership of this name, as it is the name of a themed area at one of the Disneyland’s amusement parks.

10. The mall suffered millions of dollars in damage on July 11, 2004, when a severe storm of hail and rain caused roofs to fail and drains to overflow. The Ice Palace and surrounding sections were the most damaged.

11. It was once promoted as the eighth wonder (and it completely deserves that!)

12. It holds the world records for –

World’s largest indoor amusement park
World’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster
World’s largest indoor lake
World’s largest indoor wave pool
The World’s largest parking lot
And hence the record for having the most number of world records for a mall.

You can also watch this short documentary of West Edmonton Mall.

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