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What does an Architect do and Who is an Architect

A guy texted me on Facebook and asked me this question – ‘What does an Architect do’, and instead of answering the question right away, I thought it would be better to make a post about the same, as many are not aware of it. You might see such pictures of architects on the net, but to be true that’s not how most architects work nowadays.

Many people ask me similar questions now and then, like, a guy asked me – where does an architect work, not on mars was my answer.

I was doing a project once, and my client’s son who is now in 8th standard asked me the same question –

Client’s son: Hey, how are you?

Me: I am fine, what’s up?

Client’s son: Dad told me that you’re a really good architect.. (blah blah blah continues) so, can you please tell me what does an architect do?

Me ( in my mind ): Dude! I designed your whole place and you are asking me what an architect does?

Me ( my answer ) : Umm … (awkward silence) ..LOL .. Umm .. We design buildings (fake smile).

I personally think that the answer, ‘I design buildings’ is what generally keeps the conversation going.

Anyways, Let’s get back to the question at hand – What does an Architect do?

To answer this question I’ll briefly explain who an architect is –

An architect plays a key role in the process of building, right from the start of the project till its completion. An architect is a qualified professional who helps his/her clients to transform their ideas or plans into concrete reality.

In India, a ‘registered’ architect is a qualified architect whose name is registered with the Council of Architecture, established by a statute of the Government of India.

A ‘chartered’ architect is a member of the Indian Institute of Architects which has been chartered by the Government of India.

So, finally – What does an Architect do?

Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, the architect works out preliminary sketches of the building.

During the planning process, he plays different roles in trying to determine how best to meet the needs of all those who will be using the completed building.

After discussions with the client and necessary revisions, the preliminary sketches are finalized. Then the architect proceeds with drawings for approval of the local body and various other public authorities.

He prepares specifications, working drawings, and a detailed estimate for the work.

He also collaborates with the structural engineer, interior designer, electrical engineer, and other consultants, in their design, planning, and estimates, or, if he has an integrated office, he can give any or all of these services under one roof to provide you the best architectural solutions.

An architect might take up the work related to the landscape design and at times the work of a contractor also.

The mode of construction and construction agencies are fixed with his help.

Tools have changed but the way of putting it all together won’t

He gives various architectural and structural details from time to time and supervises the construction periodically, at all important stages, to see that his drawing; are being properly followed on-site, and the quality of workmanship and materials is being generally maintained as per specifications.

He measures the work done and prepares ‘running’ bills for it from time to time; he sees to it that the building is properly constructed and the expenditure incurred on various building items is correct.

After completion of the building, he prepares the final bill for the work.

So, that is what an architect does (in brief). If you are an architect now you know how to explain in short and if you are not an architect I hope you won’t ask this again.

I guess you all must be knowing about what does an architect does. For more detailed information, you can watch this video.

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