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grafitti vandalism

What is Vandalism: Definition and Tips on Preventing It

Vandalism or willful damage to some other’s property has now become a factor to reckon with. It is a sociological and psychological problem and preventing it has become a major concern. Also, the maintenance engineer has to face the effects of vandalism. The building maintenance man has to repair these acts of vandalism within his budget.

Vandalism may be of minor nature such as graffiti art, scratching the surface by sharp instruments, writing of slogans, pasting of posters, etc., or it may be of major nature such as arson, breaking of glass, during mob action.

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It is to be remembered that there is no material which is secured against willful disfigurement. The material selected could be a tough one instead of a soft one.

It should be kept in mind that acts of vandalism are more where maintenance is poor. Where hundred broken things exist everyone feels that hundred plus one more will go unnoticed. Incomplete work or failure to repair promptly enhances the vandalism.

What can be done for Preventing Vandalism?

Vandalism is a crime and preventing it is a part of crime prevention too. Few of the problems commonly faced and possible solutions thereof have been discussed below. However, this is not exhaustive.

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The threat of vandalism has to be tackled by proper design and security. For example, glass in large sizes and in vulnerable situation may get broken more frequently.

Vandals breaking Building Glass

Under such circumstances transparent plastic sheet, fibre glass sheet or at least armoured glass sheet may be used. Rain water and soil pipes of asbestos near ground level may get damaged easily.

There should be no dark areas particularly where a vandal may hide. All areas should be well lighted.

The common toilet facilities especially on ground floor get damaged. Specially designed W.C. fittings, taps, concealed piping may be better. It will be better to use stone basins instead of fire clay ceramic basin.

External doors should be massive and it should prevent unauthorized entry. Decoration is secondary and decorative elements have to be fixed from inside.preventing vandalism

Horticulture suffers most due to vandalism. People take short cuts through hedges, flower beds instead of formal paths provided. Unnecessarily longer distance formal paths are not likely to be used. Raised beds may be one of the solution.

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Manhole covers get stolen. Steel fibre reinforced covers stand better chance.
Lighting fixtures in common areas should be of non-standard bulbs.