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An apartment's outside is furnished with sets of extended dining tables.Why Does Everyone Love Extendable Dining Tables

Why Does Everyone Love Extendable Dining Tables? Everything You Should Know

Nowadays, an extendable dining table has become a must-have furniture item for decorating modern houses. Especially if your house has limited space, it is an ideal dining table preference for comfortable use and hosting more guests on any occasion.

A modern extendable dining table has several other features, which attracted us more and made it remarkably different from a regular dining table.

In our extendable dining table guide, we will discuss all these topics part by part, which will help you to understand why an extendable dining table is best for you. Let’s get rolling.

Benefits of Extendable Dining Table

As we mentioned earlier, the extendable table’s style and design make it perfect and easy to use anywhere. In this section, we have highlighted all these advantages.

Variety of Designs

If we first look at the extendable dining table design, we can see that it has different layouts, which will assist you in giving your room an entirely new direction.

You will most commonly see an extendable table with a boat, rectangular, circle, bow-ended, single, double, and many more shapes. Besides, if you want, you can customize the design of your choice.

Versatile and Solid

Another most valuable part is its functionality, which is most prevalent and unique from other dining tables.

Though other tables are limited to just one size, but you can make extendable dining tables of different sizes according to your needs. Primarily extendable dining tables are 4 to 6-seaters, which you can use as six-seaters by extending them on various occasions for various holiday dinners, family functions, parties, and get together.

Also, most tables are made of American hardwood or durable cast aluminum materials for higher strength durability. So that you can use it outdoors, and these dining tables can deal with any adverse climate.

Fits Anywhere

If you look at the market, you can see many dining tables of different structures designed for different purposes. Some are perfect for indoors; others are suitable for outdoor. There are also many dining tables, which suit large rooms but do not fit small rooms.

But extendable tables are suitable for almost any indoor or outdoor place. Also, it is suitable for any limited or large space, which is a unique feature.

Easy to Maintain

Proper maintenance is essential if you want your extendable dining table to look brand new and use it for a long time. Regular dining tables are relatively difficult to maintain, mainly because of their quality; these didn’t last long. Another of the best advantages of an extendable table is its accessible maintenance features, which help you take care of it very easily and last for many years.

Withstand Abilities

Standard dining tables are made using regular wood, which is pretty beautiful in design but begins losing quality over time. Especially all standard dining tables are not suitable for outdoor use because those tables are not able to deal with different weather conditions.

However, extendable dining tables are designed with higher withstand capabilities so that they can be used indoors and outdoors. It also has several other best aspects, such as using higher grade wood or metal; it is durable and can be smoothly extendable due to a smooth mechanism.

Different Types of Extendable Dining Table Ideas: Which One is Perfect for You?

Though you can customize extendable dining tables as you like, there are some most common dining tables that can suit any room. 

Below we have shared the design idea of ​​the most common three different types of dining tables, which will help you a lot to get a concept of ​​which one will be appropriate for your indoor or outdoor.

Why Does Everyone Love Extendable Dining Tables

i. Rectangular Extendable Dining Table

Rectangular is the most common among dining table, which you can see in almost any home. Rectangular extendable dining tables are relatively large in size, which are ideal for hosting a large number of guests.

If you have enough space in your dining room, then definitely, this rectangular extendable dining table is a perfect option for your room. One thing that must be kept in mind when using this dining table is to use a small chair; this will save you a lot of space. This design is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

ii. Square Extendable Dining Table

If your dining room is a square shape, then a square extendable table is the most suitable option for you. It will adjust perfectly with the room and is most suitable for seating four or fewer people.

Another feature of this table is that if you have more guests or people in your room, then you can easily extend it, and easily 6 people can sit. Also, since the seats are very close to each other, it prevents distance in any conversation or meeting and makes the discussion easier. These types of tables are very suitable for your balcony.

iii. Oval Extendable Dining Table

Oval and rectangular tables are quite similar, just the main and one of the differences between them is oval extendable dining table has rounded corner on the other hand rectangular table does not have it.

The Oval expandable dining table design creates a unique visual impression. These tables are relatively space-saving because of their curves; also, they can fit almost in most houses. Oval extendable dining tables are very suitable, especially for the dining room.

How to Select the Right Size Extendable Dining Table

Depending on the size and shape, people can sit more or less at different tables. Below we show the style, size of the tables, and the approximate number of how many people can sit at the dining table without extending it. But you must remember that if you extend the table, two or more people can sit more than this number.

Also, keep this in mind, you should choose at least a 36 inches size dining table because a person needs approximately 2 feet of space for a seat and eating at a dining table.

48 inches (4 feet)4 people4 people4 people
60 inches (5 feet)6 people6 people6 people
72 inches (6 feet)6 people6 people6 people
96 inches (8 feet)8 peopleN/A8 people
120 inches (10 feet)10 peopleN/A10 people
Final Verdict

A good quality extendable dining table will give you lifetime service. Also, you can use it in different styles in your limited space without any problems.

If you are very confused about where and how to find the best extendable dining table, then you can read our analysis guide. Where we have selected all the top-quality extendable tables on the market and tried to present their consumer reports. 

Hopefully, our all-about extendable dining tables guide has assisted you a lot in getting a better idea about these dining tables.