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Top 6 Types of Woodworking Tools You Need

Home improvement depends on what kind of furniture you keep in the living room, dining hall, and bedroom. Furniture made of wood looks decent and attractive though it is a bit expensive.  But wooden furniture requires good maintenance and occasional polishing. In addition, you need to look after small repairs that may develop over a period of time. In this article, we discuss 6 types of woodworking tools that you need.

Often you need to do the mending on your own instead of calling a professional woodworker. If you have the right tool kit, you can do much of the repair work easily.

You need a perfect tool kit if you are a great fan of making small wooden furniture items for your home in your leisure time. Let us see what are the most commonly used woodworking tools in making some items of furniture for your home improvement.

Top 6 Types of Woodworking Tools


You just can’t imagine doing any woodwork without the use of saws. You need a set of saws, as the size of the saws varies depending upon the particular requirements you have. You need to cut the wood according to your requirement. There are different types of saws like table saws, Jig saws, circular saws, and reciprocating saws.

You have many options in selecting the saw you need for frequent use for domestic purposes if you want to make small corner tables, rectangular and square wall shelfs. Just browse the internet for the woodwork tools, you will find many items from which you can make a careful selection.


Planers are the most essential items for making the surface of the wood smooth.  To have a good finish of the items you want to make you need good planers. Here again, you have plenty of options depending on your purpose. You have benchtop planers for more convenient use, stationary planers, hand planes, and corded planers for specific purposes.


Sanders is the tool to make the surface of the wood very smooth. They perform the function of sandpaper-like rubbing the surface of the wood with sandpaper. Sanders are power tools that save your energy. Sanders is attached with sandpapers that polish the surface of the wood rapidly to make the surface very smooth and nice.

There are different types of sanders to serve different purposes. You can also find multi-purpose power tools that do many things including the work of sanders. There are different sanders like random orbit sanders, sheet sanders, disc sanders, details sanders, corded sanders, and cordless sanders.

The selection of a particular sander depends on many factors like the size of the surface you want to rub and the quality of wood like whether it is hardwood or softwood.


Routers are power tools that cut the wood out to make it hollow. To hollow out the wood in a particular area on any hard material like wood, we use routers. They are handy tools that can help us in many ways while cutting the designs in the wood or doing the wood carving work.  When you are making a cabinet for your home, you must have a set of good routers.

You will find it easy to carve out many intricate designs in the wood with the help of routers. Many experts in the field of woodwork say that the router is the most versatile tool. It is a simple tool but does incredible work. There are excellent routing techniques that one can master if one is passionate about doing the woodwork.

It is easier to cut through the wood to make recesses in the door hinges with the help of the routers. Carving complex and unique designs in the wood is possible by learning the different techniques in routing the wood.  There are routers made for specific tasks. They are fixed base routers, variable speed routers, plunge routers, corded routers, and router accessories.

Router accessories increase the functions and power of the router incredibly. You can do a variety of works by just changing the bits of the router.  The small bits of accessories make the router really a versatile tool in woodwork.

Drill Press

Drill Press is another essential tool for woodwork. Drill presses are also known as pedestal drill presses. Drilling is basically making a hole in hard materials for different purposes. Many a time, we use a drill press to make holes to join different wooden parts with the help of screws and bolts.

Using drill press offers you many advantages. It reduces the pressure you need to apply and reduces your effort. The table makes it convenient for you to fix the clamps and position the piece of wood tightly without moving. It leads to smooth drilling without causing any deviations to the designs you have intended to make.

In addition to drilling, drill presses are helpful for a variety of purposes in wood work. You can do sanding, honing, and polishing with the support of drill press.

Different drill presses are benchtop drill presses, magnetic drill presses, stationary drill presses, mini drill presses, and floor drill presses.

Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors are very useful in gathering the wood dust while you are doing the woodwork. You have different dust collectors to meet specific methods of collecting the dust. They are air Filters & systems, dust collectors, wet-dry vacuums, dust collections kits, accessories, etc.

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Besides the above tools, you can also keep the pneumatics like the fasteners, accessories, nailers, stapler, air compressors, air sanders, and grinder. You can also add the accessories like clamps, drill bits, saw accessories, and sharpeners to your kit.