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xp-pen vs huion vs wacom

XP Pen vs Huion: You’ll Know In 1 Minute

Most graphics tablets are very expensive, which is almost out of the budget of most newbie designers and artists. However, best drawing tablets mean that their price range will be much higher than the comparison.

For those who are looking for the best budget drawing tablet, the XP Pen and Huion drawing tablet selection will be great for you. Both graphics tablets come with a premium quality display, shortcut keys, resolution, compatibility also many more.

The premium features and other things of the two tablets are almost similar, which is why consumers are often confused about which would be an excellent option for them. So basically, we created this XP Pen vs Huion drawing tablets comparison guide for them, where we have discussed the primary topic in depth.

XP Pen vs Huion: Key Differences

xp pen vs huion

Features XP Pen Artist Pro 15.6 Huion Kamvas Pro 16
Display Quality and Sizes It comes with 15.6 inches 178 degrees viewing angle and a fully laminated bright display. It comes with a 16 inches large laminated screen with a matte surface also it is made of AG glass which is smooth and the anti-glare coating protects your eyes.
sRGB Coverage The XP Pen Artist Pro provides 120% sRGB coverage. Huion Kamvas Pro provides 150% sRGB coverage.
Pressure Levels XP Pen Artist comes with good control and an 8192 pressure level. Same as XP Pen Artist Pro.
Resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels 1920 × 1080 pixels
Operating Systems The XP Pen Artist Pro only works with a macOS 10.10 or later version. It can support Windows 7 or later versions and also support macOS 10.12 or later versions.
Express Keys XP Pen Artist Pro includes 8 programmable shortcut keys. Huion Kamvas Pro includes 6 programmable shortcut keys.

Huion vs XP Pen: Detailed Comparison

Though Huion and XP Pen have various drawing tablets, in this comparison section, we will compare both XP Pen and Huion’s most popular two tablets XP Pen Artist Pro 15.6 vs Huion Kamvas Pro 16 and highlight the complete features and differences.

Display Quality and Sizes

Undoubtedly, the first important aspect of any drawing tablet is its display grade. Different brands try their best to keep their art tablets as high quality as possible from the competitors and to keep them ahead as much as possible. If we look at the Huion Kamvas Pro, we can see that they are providing a display of a large laminated screen of 16 inches with a matte surface.

According to the manufacturer, it is made of AG glass, which is durable and provides a smooth experience. On the other hand, the anti-glare coating protects your eyes from harmful rays.

On the other hand, XP Pen Artist comes with 15.6 inches 178 degrees viewing angle and a fully laminated display, which creates a gap between you and the display. The screen is as bright as the Huion Kamvas Pro so that it can be used more efficiently in any field.

sRGB Coverage

Many consumers attach particular importance to sRGB coverage. Therefore, when you are looking for a tablet, especially for drawing and art-related work, you must pay special attention to this aspect to make your art and design look more vibrant and colorful.

When we compare Kamvas Pro and Artist Pro, then we can see that Kamvas Pro is much ahead in this direction. Huion Kamvas Pro provides 150% sRGB coverage, which outstandingly enhances the design’s colors. On the other hand, the XP Pen Artist Pro provides 120% sRGB coverage, which is why Huion is far ahead in this regard.

Pressure Levels

It is very important to have great control in the field of digital drawing to get efficient performance. Mainly when you use the pen, its performance is a lot like an actual pen so that you can do your drawing work more effectively.

Both Kamvas and Artist come with good control and an 8192 pressure level. This is very helpful in the field of creating thicker lines to darker lines easily when using pencil, brush pen and also provides excellent accuracy and precision output.


Higher resolution means more pixels are on your tablet screen. And more pixels mean your art will be revealed to everyone in a more extraordinary way.

So with all these aspects in mind, both Kamvas Pro and Artist Pro have tried to keep their display at ideal tablet resolution, i.e., 1920 × 1080 pixels. So there is no reason to worry about this.

Express Keys

Express keys or shortcut keys play a significant role in making your work faster and easier. You can easily access the functions of many programs; this will increase your work efficiency as well as speed up your work.

XP-Pen is a few steps ahead of Huion in shortcuts keys features. XP Pen includes 6 to 8 or more programmable shortcut keys in almost all of their drawing tablets for the speed of work of the users. On the other hand, Huion Kamvas Pro has included keys in their tablet, but it is much less. They have included six keys.

Operating Systems

Both Huion Kamvas Pro and XP Pen Artists Pro support macOS operating systems; you will efficiently run MacOS operating systems supported drawing and art software. XP Pen Artist Pro works with a 10.10 or later version; on the other hand, Huion Kamvas Pro works with a 10.12 or later version.

Another great aspect of Huion is that it supports all Windows 7 or later versions. Unfortunately, XP Pen Artist Pro 15.6 does not support Windows operating system.

Our selected both Huion and XP Pen drawing tablet models do not support the Android operating system. In this case, you can read our best drawing tablet Guide guide to find outstanding Android-supported drawing tablets.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Huion Pro 16 Portable?

The short answer is “Yes.” Huion Pro 16 is portable but a little bit heavier, but it does not have any impact on portability. Due to which you can easily carry it in your backpack and carry it anywhere.

Why is my XP-Pen pen not working?

Many times the stylus of XP Pen stops working; there are many reasons for this. However, we are not discussing the issues, in this section we only provide the solution. You can apply the following things for the solution.

  • Many times these issues have occurred when the drivers are not updated; if there is an update, then update the drivers.
  • Try to disconnect and then reconnect the pen and then quickly refresh sometime.
  • The pen is in sleep mode in many cases, which may not work. In this case, you have to go to the setting of the tablet and disable the stylus sleep mode.
  • If your stylus is battery operated, check that it and the tablet are fully charged.

Do the XP Pen Artist and Huion Kamvas Pro 16 work without a computer?

The short answer is “NO.” Because both tablets are not standalone devices, that’s why they don’t work without a laptop or computer. You must be connected to a laptop, desktop or any android device.

Final Verdict: XP Pen vs Huion?

Both the XP Pen drawing tablet and the Huion drawing tablet have all the outstanding features, and their many features are almost similar, which is why it is so challenging to offer a perfect decision from XP Pen vs Huion.

If we first look at the XP Pen, we can see that it is the best drawing tablet option, especially for beginners and students. You will also get higher resolution displays, sensitive pens, and other things within your budget. It is also relatively easy to use, which is why it can be an excellent option for you if you are a newbie.

On the other hand, Huion is another excellent option that you can get at a cheap price. Its durable quality, battery-free pen, higher sRGB coverage, more elevated quality display and other things make it outstanding. Besides, the function can be a bit complicated for newbies. But over time, that is likely to vary.

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