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XP Pen vs Wacom: Is XP Pen Better Than Wacom?

You need a good graphics tablet to get awesome art and design performance. Unfortunately, whenever you search for the best drawing tablet in the market, you will discover hundreds of options. Choosing the right tablet from so many options is challenging for almost everyone.

Wacom and XP-Pen are the most popular drawing or graphics tablet brands in the market. Though the function of both tablets is very similar, but they have many strong and weak points.

Basically, the XP-Pen is much more affordable than the Wacom tablet, while the Wacom is much more popular for its durable built quality. There are also many differences between the XP Pen and the Wacom tablet. And our comparison guide is made to highlight these complete comparisons of XP Pen vs Wacom.

Which will help you to know the differences between both tablets and also help you to know which will be the most proper selection for you. So without delay, let’s begin.

XP Pen Overview

XP Pen is a Japanese manufacturer that mainly makes digital graphics tablets.

Their drawing tablets are ergonomically quite lightweight and affordable. In addition, the XP Pen table’s several express keys, multi-touch, and handy dial make it a lot easier to use, especially for beginners.

Wacom Overview

Wacom is another Japanese-based digital company making various art pens, tablets, and graphics-related devices for decades. Especially their high-performance tablets made by them capable of performing as the second monitor.

Wacom also made pen tablets, pen displays, graphics tablets, high-tech computer pens, smart pads, stylus, and other devices that are very popular for their high-quality performance and durability.

XP Pen vs Wacom: Detailed Comparison Guide

In this section, we will emphasize the main differences between the XP pen vs Wacom tablet, where all the features of the two brands will be highlighted in detail so that you can easily understand which is going to be your next drawing tablet.


XP Pen vs Wacom

Display plays a huge role in picking any drawing tablet, and this is a very important feature that everyone has to keep in mind; one of the main reasons is that it is difficult to work on a very small display, as well as it is very uncomfortable to art and draw on a large display.

With that in mind, Wacom and XP Pen have separated their graphic tablets into a variety of sizes. If we compare Wacom Cintiq 16 vs XP Pen Artist Pro, we can see that Wacom is very expensive in terms of price, but the display size is 15.6 inches for both tablets.

XP Pen Artist Pro comes with a laminated display with 84% Adobe RGB coverage; on the other hand, Wacom Cintiq 16 comes with 75% Adobe Color Coverage. In this regard, XP Pen is providing more color gamut in less budget.

Active Area

After the display, the active area is another important feature. Especially if you are a newbie, both large and small areas can be a major problem in your learning field.

XP Pen and Wacom have made their tablets in different sizes working areas keeping in mind the different experience people.

Wacom graphics tablet comes in 3 categories: small, medium, and large. The working area measurements are 7.9 inches×6.3 inches to 32 inches.

XP-Pen graphic tablets come with various working area sizes, all of which are 4.8 inches×3 inches to 23.8 inches.

In this case, you have to decide which will be suitable for you to keep both manufacturers’ different options.

Pressure Sensitivity

Many people think that more pressure sensitivity is a great option for tablet drawing, but the sad thing is that this is not always true. You will notice that different brands design their drawing tablets with different pressure sensitivity for different purposes.

There is a big difference between Wacom and XP-Pen regarding pressure sensitivity. If we compare Wacom Intuos vs XP Pen Deco 01 V2, we can see that Wacom Intuos has a pressure sensitivity level of 4096; on the other hand, XP Pen Deco 01 V2 has a pressure sensitivity level of 8192, which is more than double that of Wacom.

However, Wacom has some more models whose pressure sensitivity level is very high. Even after comparing the pressure sensitivity, Wacom will be ahead for its smooth and effective performance.

Shortcut Buttons

The shortcut buttons play a vital role in completing the drawing and artwork in the fastest time. More shortcut buttons mean less effort for designing. It also helps you to work quickly as well as improve your productivity.

If we compare the tablets of the two manufacturers in terms of shortcut buttons, we can see that XP Pen has more shortcut buttons than Wacom tablets. Also, it has a wheeled roller that is not in the Wacom tablet.

The Wacom tablet has 4 useful shortcut buttons; on the other hand, XP-Pen has 6 to 8 useful shortcut buttons with a roller. So finally, comparing the shortcut buttons features, undoubtedly XP Pen will be much ahead.

Both brands have included detailed instructions for their shortcut buttons, which will help beginners understand everything.


When you are thinking of buying a drawing tablet, you will definitely want to get great performance for a long time.

Wacom tablet is far ahead in this regard. Though Wacom tablet is a very old brand, they have released very limited drawing tablets in the market, which provide the finest in quality, smoothest drawing experience.

Also, some of their models have smooth anti-glare glass, which provides a smooth work area with great protection for drawing.

On the other hand, the XP Pen has a variety range, most of which lags far behind Wacom. XP pen is also far ahead in terms of long-term usability.

General Comparison Between Wacom vs XP Pen


XP-Pen tablets come with an affordable price range, but almost all Wacom tablets are very expensive. In many fields, the price is more than double. In this case, if you are looking for the best drawing tablet in the budget, then we would highly suggest XP-Pen.


XP-Pen and Wacom are very different in warranty; XP-Pen manufacturers provide at least a 1-year limited warranty with their tablets. On the other hand, Wacom’s warranty policy is very different depending on the region.

Wacom provides a 1-year limited warranty in their tablets in the US market, and in the outside market, they provide 2 years limited warranty.


Both manufacturers’ drawing tablets support any version of Windows OS. Wacom also supports later versions of Mac OS 10.12, while the XP-Pen tablet supports all later versions of Mac OS 10.10 operating systems.

Wacom provides some additional free software like Corel Painter Essentials, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Corel AfterShot 3 with their drawing tablet so that users get an advanced level drawing experience.


Wacom drawing tablets are very popular for their long-term usability and dependability, especially their well-textured surface and scratch-resistant feature, making them extremely durable and long-term usable. On the other hand, the XP Pen drawing tablet is likewise good, but if we compare it with Wacom, then definitely, Wacom will be ahead in this race.

XP Pen vs Wacom: Frequently Asked Questions

Is XP Pen better than Wacom?

The XP Pen is far ahead of Wacom in some concerns; for example, XP Pens pressures come with 8192 levels; on the other hand, Wacom comes with 4096 levels. But, on the other hand, Wacom is a great option compared to some other areas, such as Wacom’s durable built-in quality and great reliability. So it is much more challenging, which is better to say it in a specific way.

But overall, Wacom will always be ahead.

Is XP-Pen a Chinese Company?

The short answer is “No.” In most cases, many people think that XP-Pen is the only Chinese company. However, XP Pen is actually a Japanese-Chinese graphic tablet distributing company.

Why is Wacom the best?

Wacom has designed its graphics tablets with 4K or multiple high-grade displays and higher quality performance, which has made it perfect for professional use. Especially Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is an outstanding selection for both beginners and professionals.

Is the XP-Pen good for beginners?

Yes, in the beginning, XP-Pen is a great selection, especially XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro, Artist 15.6 Pro, Artist 13.3 Pro best selling drawing tablet, which thousands of consumers have specially recommended for beginners.

Is the iPad Pro better than the Wacom tablet?

If we look at that, we can see that almost all the features of the Apple iPad Pro and Wacom Studio Pro 13″ are similar, so many experts regard the comparison of iPad Pro and Wacom MobileStudio Pro as a draw.

The Verdict: XP Pen or Wacom Tablet?

Finally, it’s time to decide XP Pen vs Wacom tablet; which one is actually best for you? This is actually a very challenging part to suggest to anyone from these two brands. Booth manufacturers are far ahead in some concerns; though the XP Pen is ahead in many features in comparison, Wacom is ahead similarly in many of them.

But to finally decide, you have to consider some aspects and choose anyone from them. If your budget is very tight, and you are looking for the best graphic tablet in the budget, then the XP-Pen tablet is definitely a great option for you.

On the other hand, if you have no problem with the budget, and are looking for a high quality, reliable, high-performance, durable tablet, then undoubtedly the Wacom tablet is an outstanding selection for you.

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